Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My request to the judge at arraignment on 7/27/2009

Good Afternoon Your Honor,

August eighth is two weeks away, and does not alow me enough time to gather the required funds to continue to retain Mr. McCabe as my defense council. Although I have not been convicted of any crime, I have already suffered tremendous financial and personal loss as a result of these charges and the news coverage of Operation Endless Summer in February.

I was forced to resign from my job, I have fallen behind on all my bills and am completely bankrupt. The District Attorney’s Office as displayed at my preliminary hearing on July 13, 2009 has dedicated huge amounts of resources to prosecuting my case and damaging my reputation. There were several attorneys and investigators working together with the DA against me. The DA is not limited in their resources as I am.

In addition to this top notch prosecution team now focused on putting me away, the DA’s office has decided to remove any chance I could possibly have for getting a job in San Diego to help pay for my case and try to get back on my feet, by labeling this a “High Profile” case. My name now appears on the DA’s website in the High Profile Cases Section. It states that I am charged with transporting more than 28 grams making me out to be a narcotics trafficker, which simply is not true and a complete misrepresentation of the charges against me.

Why is this clearly bias driven prosecution allowed to continue?

The money I plan on raising to retain my ONE defense attorney, Mr. McCabe, to defend me from this prosecution team and this smear campaign, will be raised by the community through grassroots fundraising efforts.

Your honor please allow a continuance of my arraignment until September 7, 2009 by which time I hope to have the necessary funds to retain Mr. McCabe further, otherwise the District Attorney’s office should pay for my defense, or at the least provide me with employment so that I can pay for the defense myself while going through trial.


Eugene Davidovich

After my request was reviewed by the DA it was agreed that my next day in court, the Arraignment will be held on August 28th.

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