Monday, July 20, 2009


Here are three specific things you can do today to help stop Operation Green Rx and prevent more arrests, harassment, and the bias driven prosecutions here in San Diego.

1. Write the GRAND JURY
2. Write City Council
3. CALL and Write the District Attorney

Instructions and Contact Information

1. Writing to the Grand Jury: Please go to the link below and submit a form to the grand jury asking them to investigate. Instruction on how to fill the form out, and the form can be downloaded here:

2. City Council: Please email the City Council and ask them to call for a Grand Jury investigation into Operation Green Rx.;;;;;;;;

3. District Attorney (Bonnie Dumanis): Please CALL or write District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and ask her to DROP THE CHARGES IN MY CASE, Stop Prosecuting Medical Cannabis Patients, and launch an investigation into Operation Green Rx.

District Attorney: Bonnie Dumanis
T: 619-531-4040
330 W. Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

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