Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Medical Marijuana Training Received by San Diego Narcotics Detective Conrado Decastro

Today in my (Eugene Davidovich) preliminary hearing Conrado Decastro of the San Diego Police Department Narcotics Division, was identified by his colegue Scott Henderson as the officer in chagre of Operation Green Rx.

Conrado Decastro testified that he based his opinion of collectives and medical marijuana on training he received during his career. When questioned further about who conducted this training, he referenced a privately funded lobby group called California Narcotic Officers Association (CNOA). He also testified that during his traning he received a handout which he used to base his expert testimony on, as to what a medical marijuana collective is and what constitutes qualified patient use.

Today after my preliminary hearing a friend pointed out this handout to me.
Here is a brief sample from that handout:
Quick Facts:
Marijuana, a plant from the cannabis family, is illegal and highly psychoactive.
Marijuana and its associated compunds can seriously affect the human body.
Marijuana is NOT medicine.

Handout can be downloaded here from the CNOA California Narcotic Officers Association: http://www.cnoa.org/N-09.pdf

So the expert testimony of Chris Conrad in my case is based on his involvement in working with the drafters of the actual Prop 215 and the law, which the judge did not agree with. However this handout which is clearly designed to sway people into thinking that Cannabis is not medicine is a valid document to base Conrado Decastro's opinion on, which the judge agreed with.

Shouldn't medical training be based on the actual law in place and not the incorrect interpretation of CNOA, or am I missing something here?

Eugene Davidovich

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