Saturday, July 11, 2009

Medical Cannabis Cookbook!

"Special Medicinal Recipes Shared from Mother Earth Co-op”

A Medical Cannabis Cookbook.



Mother Earth Co-op is proud to share a treasured collection of the finest therapeutic recipes from our medicinal kitchen. This attractive cookbook is in a padded 3-ring loose leaf binder that comes with an easel bookstand which securely holds your cookbook open and upright for hands free cooking. The easel conveniently stores inside the 3-ring binder. This makes an ideal gift or keepsake. The one of a kind cookbook, contains 420 well loved medical cannabis recipes including: History of marijuana, how to make cannabutters, cannaoils, tinctures, appetizers, main dishes, soups, salads, desserts and many other medicinal remedies.

Proceeds from this unique cookbook will be donated to the following organizations: breast cancer, cancer, aids & hiv research, Mama's Kitchen and Friends for Pets.

Order your medicinal cookbook now for $42.00 including free shipping within North America .

Here are a few examples of the 420 recipes in the cookbook:


(Cannabutters) Mother Earth Co-op

1 oz cannabis (medical high grade) 1 lb butter or oil

In a large heavy sauce pan, melt butter, add the cannabis (marijuana) and stir until all is well mixed. WARNING: Do not boil. Continue to simmer over a very low heat, for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Turn heat off and allow the mixture cool to room temperature, for about one hour. Return mixture to stove, simmer until the mixture is liquid. Using a cheesecloth or strainer, on top of a large bowl or individual sterile mason jars, strain the mixture through the cheesecloth or strainer, to separate the cannabis from the butter and discard the herb. Let cool and refrigerate for up to four week or freeze up to 6 months.

Note: A French press, made for coffee is a perfect tool for straining the cannabis from the butter or oil. The caregiver and patient need to experiment and evaluate with what is the best strength of medication for their personal needs.


(Remedies) Mother Earth Co-op

1 oz cola syrup *

3 drops cannabis tincture *

1 tsp carbonated water

Take 1 tablespoon of cola syrup alone. For those who cannot take alone, or find the syrup too sweet, mix with a bit of carbonated water; drink immediately. Place 3 drops of cannabis tincture *(see recipe) directly under your tongue, for added relief of nausea and soothing of most stomach aches.

Note: * Make certain that you get cola syrup, which is available at drug most stores. Coca-Cola and Pepsi were originally developed as a medical syrup .


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