Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CBS News 8 - Pot Prosecution Becoming San Diego Test Case


A Mission Valley man who claims he was operating a medical marijuana collective has become a local test case.

Eugene Davidovich is charged with illegally selling and transporting the drug, but he says he thought he was following state law.

News 8's Jeff Zevely reports live downtown with the latest on the medical marijuana debate. View the video story.


For more information about Operation Green Rx and my case please visit my website: http://www.eugenedavidovich.com and my blog http://operationgreenrx.blogspot.com


Quotes from the detective on the stand at the preliminary when asked about What Operation Endless Summer and Green Rx was and the details of it: (all quotes came directly from the transcript of the preliminary hearing held on July 13th. The transcript in its entirety 142+ pages will be available online soon)

Det. Henderson: "The list was taken from the NORML Website, Yes". "I think off the list there were about 20 numbers of places. I think out of those, maybe four or five were non-existent. So 15 or 16."

Mr. McCabe: In which you posed as a patient and received marijuana?

Det. Henderson: Yes


Mr. McCabe: And the individual who conceived this operation was that Detective Decastro? Was he one of the primary organizers of this particular operation?

Det. Henderson: "Yes. I remember Damon Mosler was there, and I beleive Chris Lindbergh was also part of it also."

Mr. McCabe: "and have you yourself had any training in the operation of medical marijuana laws?"

Det. Henderson: "During the 200 hours I think I had about one hour"


There is much more!

Eugene Davidovich

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