Saturday, August 29, 2009

A letter to the Bonnie Dumanis from Mr. and Mrs. Little

To: Bonnie Dumanis.

My husband and I are dismayed by the tactics used by your local task force to harass and inhibit lawful exercise of patient’s rights under California Proposition 215 (including SB 420).

For local law enforcement to fraudulently obtain a doctors
recommendation for purposes of falsely obtaining medical cannabis and
arresting the provider is unethical, but more importantly unlawful.

The providers relied on the valid medical recommendation. The doctor
relied on patient self reporting and identification provided. All
physicians rely on patient self reporting of symptoms to inform

My view is that, for your office, political considerations in this case trump legal considerations.

You are corrupting constitutional rights we have long cherished in
this country. And, you are corrupting the doctor/patient relationship by use of deception of innocent third parties.

We intend to financially assist the defenses of these innocent
victims, through appeal if necessary.

I fully believe, however, that no jury in State Court will convict these individuals.

Claudia and Ronald Little
Ashland, Oregon

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