Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Donna Lambert Request for Court Support and Phone Calls to District Attorney

Hello Friends and Supporters! Today and anytime this week would be a very helpful time to call the district attorney, Steve Walters at (619)531-3784.
Please ask them to drop the Medical Marijuana case against Donna Lambert (ACL004). I helped a valid qualified medical marijuana patient (also an undercover cop - who had lied to a doctor about his symptoms to obtain a valid recommendation) twice. Although I have yet to see a signed copy of an arrest warrant, a swat style raid was conducted on my house, assault rifles pointed at me, I was taken to jail, my home destroyed, and I am now facing trial, EVEN THOUGH THE JUDGE AT MY PRELIMINARY HEARING RULED THAT I WAS "CLEARLY NOT IN IT FOR PROFIT".
My next court date is Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 at 1:30pm at the Downtown San Diego Courthouse, at 220 W. Broadway in Dept. 53.
Any and all court support is welcome. I admit that I am afraid, I do have a lot of anxiety about all this. At the same time, I know I have not broken the law. I was 100% within the intention of the medical marijuana laws that intended to facilitate the safe and affordable distribution of medical marijuana to qualified medical marijuana patients... The law provides exemption for prosecution for medical marijuana sales between qualified patients as long as it is not done for profit. This has been established in my case.
Unfortunately, I have been told by attorneys from all over the state that I have O% (zero) chance of receiving any fairness or respect for the law in San Diego Courts. To date, we are unaware of any cases for medical marijuana cases that have been dismissed in San Diego County, due to its longstanding war on medical marijuana, and its attempt to overturn the state medical marijuana laws.
I hope you can join me in my struggle, and my attempt to find justice and respect for medical marijuana patients and the medical marijuana community at large. If you have a chance to come down to the courthouse next Thursday afternoon to see how the courts treat medical marijuana, please join me. Believe me, it is a learning experience!
If you do not have time, are far away, or have to work, perhaps you could make a phone call on my behalf, I would greatly appreciate it. The person to call is District Attorney - head of Narcotics Steve Walters at (619)531-3784. He is a very reasonable individual and I am sure he will consider your input. You do need to have anything brilliant to say. Feel free to say whatever is on your mind, and please include a request to drop the pending medical marijuana case against Donna Lambert (ACL004). Thank You very much.
Donna Lambert

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