Thursday, August 27, 2009

Compassionate Use Act. What are we teaching the children?

Is anybody else tired of hearing the same old worn out argument “but it sends mixed messages to the children” when it comes to the Compassionate Use Act and the business of getting cannabis to the patients who are helped by it? And how about the fact that as soon as some mad mother plays the kid card, it effectively shuts down intelligent conversation about lifting cannabis prohibition, giving parents license to tromp on another’s rights in honor of their own children? I for one don’t temper my adult conversations with kids in mind so why are we doing this in the face of talk about sensible drug policy? These kids will grow up to be adults who will need the skills to view the real world and make real choices. They will need to be respectful of others, compassionate and kind while deciding what is right for them and looking out for number one.

Using children to gain political ground is a low-class and a decidedly harmful tactic that should be called out every time it is engaged in. Why are we allowing it? Let’s man up here. Sorry if, as a woman I’m among the first to suggest it. Having no kids (I never wanted them), it isn’t surprising that I’m sick of this argument. But, am I alone? I’m sure I can rule out the rabid soccer moms I’ve just alienated but you sensible parents, don’t you think your children are intelligent and resilient enough to understand clarifying laws which allow people who are helped by medical cannabis to obtain it safely doesn’t mean your kids are hearing any message other than one of compassion? Especially since it’s the law? Don’t we have a duty to teach our kids to have compassion AND to follow the law even though we may not understand it? A conversation about finding common ground and resolving conflict makes us better humans and better citizens. What it should not do is make us sheep led to the trough of certain drug addiction and ruin and I resent the implication. Can we grow up, please? Treating children as if they can’t reason is a disservice to them and our communities. I don’t believe acting compassionately sends a mixed message that kids will interpret as a green light to use drugs because I think kids are smarter than that. And I don’t even have any to misjudge, mistrust or underestimate.

Seriously, talk to your kids about drugs, the law and compassionate use in the same conversation and I believe we can overcome this stalemate. Compassionate use is not going away, we must iron out policies for its implementation that we can all get behind. Parents, I urge you to see that being part of the solution to implementing state law will allow you a voice to insure your kids get the tools to stay safe whatever that means for you. Trying to use a hammer to pound down the law will only serve to mute the voice of reason. We passed the law, now we must form the message about implementing it so that it rings not only of truth but of safety, compassion and lawfulness. Be the change!

Terrie Best, Stop Operation Green Rx Campaign Manager



  1. It is the parents' responsibility to teach their children the right and wrong of things, not the Government, nor Teachers, although being a former Educator and Educational Administrator, I've noticed the increasing thought of most parents that teachers are supposed to raise their children. Parents do your jobs and teach your children the right and wrong, sit with them and explain the drug situation, that's your responsibility.

    Cannabem liberemus,
    Clif Deuvall
    Founder - Executive Director
    NORML of Waco Inc.

  2. Kids already understand what medicine is and we teach them that is what we take when we are sick. Medical marijuana IS medicine, even though the prohibitionists try to supress the research. There is more and more scientific evidence that cannabinoids are cancer supressors. We know first hand because a stubborn 75 year old friend of ours held back the spread of his colon cancer for 10 years with MMj and is now post-surgery and recovering. Because he waited so long he needed a colostomy bag but he has made it and is riding his old Harley again. There's one for ya, prohibitionists!

  3. and let's not forget about all the children who have died as a result of alcohol, drunk driving, alcoholic parents abusing their children, parents smoking cigarettes giving their children cancer, pedophiles and child abusers let out on our streets while our government protects drunk drivers and people who kill children it persecutes unconstitutionally nonviolent medicinal cannabis patients

    It's all about the almighty dollar

  4. Very good article Torrance. I do think it’s time to talk to kids about what drugs really do to people. The “Dare” week” at public schools has always seemed like such a joke to me. It usually scares kids under 10 years old – all mine, anyway. The lawmakers figure they’ll scare kids when they’re too young to understand because by the time they go to middle school, even if they don’t try it themselves, they know someone who has who didn’t crash and burn and lose everyone close to them; what they learned is that they’ve been lied to and then may try coke or crystal meth to see if that’s a lie too and unfortunately, it’s pretty true and doesn’t usually work out for anyone. But hey, pot’s not for everyone either… it’s just so comforting to know that there’s an alternative to anti-depressants and alcohol.
    I’m sorry to ramble. I just wish people wouldn’t use their God-given little bundles of joy for anything but a little housecleaning. Well, they do make the mess….

    Love ya,
    Good article.


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