Thursday, August 6, 2009

Donna Lambert - Victim of Operation Green Rx

Donna Lambert, Thursday August 06, 2009.

Apparently the DA is not willing to drop my case as I hoped they would after the KUSI interview. The silence from them is scary. Normally, they have responded to everything I have done with police drivebys and helicopter fly-overs, but now, nothing. Silence is deafening. I believe they are up to something serious.

After several days of refusing to respond to my attorneys emails, Deputy District Attorney Steve Walters spent fifteen minutes on the phone with my attorney Mr. Singleton. They still refuse to drop the case and they refuse to define exactly how it is they believe I broke the law.

I believe my phone is tapped because ever since I called them just over a week ago, and they put me on hold for five minutes, my phone has been dropping calls and echoing like crazy when I talk.

Below video is where Concil Member Marti Emerald asks the Police how to make sure that sales are only done to people with cards. Apparently she is unaware that the police have cards and pose as legitimate patients and then arrest anybody who will help them.

Take Care,
Hi. I'm Donna. I am facing 7 felonies for trying to help out a doctor recommended verified medical patient. I definately need help and court support. See the KUSI link titled DA discusses medical marijuaan for my story. There is an short interview with me on there. Maybe together we can stand up against this tyranny. If I can be this sick, and with a judge ruling that I did not do this for profit, and have them still prosecuting me...I do not think anybody in the medical marijuana community is safe in San Diego until we demand our rights under state law. Didn't the constitution say, "by the people for the people?

Donna Lambert is a victim of Operation Green Rx and the district attorney's fight to overturn proposition 215 and the will of the people. Please support donna, jopin her facebook support group:


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