Monday, August 17, 2009

Law Enforcement Concerns about Medical Marijuana - COMMENTS NEEDED

According to a recent survey of several cities located in California, the major concerns regarding medical marijuana for law enforcement include:
  • It violates Federal Law
  • Street dealers selling at lower prices to entice patients away from dispensaries
  • Non-residents coming into the city to purchase marijuana
  • Marijuana DUI by people who have obtained drug from the dispensary
  • Neighboring businesses have experienced a loss of customers
  • Increase in unreported crime to avoid negative publicity to the dispensary
  • Problem of patients selling to non-patients
  • Documented cases of robbery outside marijuana dispensaries
  • Dispensaries create alternative methods to sell products-such as food items
  • Complaints from patients that other illegal drugs are being sold from dispensary
  • Marijuana dispensaries perpetuate a sub-culture that openly supports behavior consistent with criminal activity and publishes instructional material on the web
  • Management from an established dispensary told police that they cannot keep the criminal element out.
Please send your comments / rebuttals on the above soncerns to or post your comments here. A compilation of the best comments will be published in the next issue!

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  1. patients selling to non-patients is the ONLY valid one. And people dont sell their pills?

  2. The system for liquor sales is flawed, the system for pharmacuetical sales is too. And personally, I think the entire DMV system should be scrapped and rebuilt. Still, we soldier on and we must do so with finding ways to run a system that supports the Compassionate Use Act. Be the change, Love, Terrie...

  3. Thanks for this important info.

  4. Colonel Oliver Wimbleton Pepper IV Esq BMI Says:

    It’s High Time We Legalize Marijuana and Hemp!

    The War on Drugs is more than a colossal failure, it’s a farce and a criminal conspiracy brewed up among a few politicians and business leaders for personal and corporate profit. True examples of corruption

    The good news is that God is not on their side in the War on Drugs. So often Americans went to war under the distinct impression that God was on their side. But that is not the case in the Drug War, in fact He is quite offended by the activities of the drug warrior zealot who brings misery to his own people and kindred. This is a sad state of affairs, because these well meaning otherwise useful citizens are destroying their own country with this civil war they are prosecuting.

    Enough is enough, and I tell you the truth, You’re in a heap of trouble with the Lord God Almighty… Shame on you!

    These folks are bought and paid for by lobbying, PR, and advertising firms representing companies that profit greatly from the prohibition and the ensuing War on Drugs. They are putting their children through the best colleges and Universities with the robust profits derived from nothing other than the prohibition against marijuana.

    That plus the total elimination of the totally harmless commodity of hemp, which would compete fiercely with their products of paper made from trees, and rope made from nylon. We all know who these people are, and so does the government who’s politicians are also bought and sold by these same individuals. It is up to us to rid congress and the senate of these political leaders that are the best that money can buy, and we can do it by the ballot.

    I highly recommend you consider electing Colonel Pepper to the office of President. I inhaled and won’t lie about it. Furthermore due to the fact that possession of even small amounts has always been a felony along the the use of marijuana itself a felonies, I figure that in the past 40 years I have committed about 5,000 felonies that I was never caught committing, and no proof exists to win a conviction either, so I just got away with it and nobody was hurt.

    Furthermore, I believe there is a provision written into law that states something along the line, “If a law is repugnant to the Constitution, then it is null and void.”

    Well marijuana prohibition laws are repugnant to the Constitution, because, they were the result of a criminal conspiracy between certain legislators and a few industry leaders. (ie: Randolf Hurst from the lumber mills and Du Ponts chemical company to name a couple right away. This law is based on the lie that marijuana is a narcotic drug and those hopelessly addicted to this drug are a menace to society. (See the propaganda movie, “Reefer Madness”)

    The prohibition itself is a menace to society, and it has devided this nation in two; with brainwashed masses up in arms against the reform minded individuals who seek to change the law. The brainwashed seem to think that to have an opinion different from the government’s own criminal code is a crime in it’s own right. John McCain once wrote me in response to my inquiry about reforming the laws against marijuana, that I deserved to be in prison because of my point of view. It makes you wonder how he ever lost the election to President. I myself am going to seek the nomination from the GOP, and plan to run against President Obama in 22012.

    Elect Colonel Pepper For President 2012


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