Sunday, October 11, 2009

You’re Rights Too - Poem by William West

You’re Rights Too
October, 2009

I am an American, I believe in the red, white, and blue,
I believe in what she stands for, I believe her heart is true.
I believe the laws of this land are the laws for me and you.
I am your fellow American with unalienable rights too.
I believe in our freedom, I believe in your rights,
I believe our justice system will get through this alright.
Your corrupted ways Mrs. DA are now brought into the light.
What made you think that we would not give you a fight?

We were few when we started, and growing more each day,
We won’t stand by anymore to be treated by you this way.
You couldn’t do this peaceful you had to make it a war,
The law says your illegal when you kick in our doors.
It’s time to turn and hold our ground it’s time to make a stand.
It’s time you too do what’s expected of you by the laws of this land

William W. West
10/11/2009 12:03 AM

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