Thursday, October 1, 2009


Come out and Support the Victims of Bonnies Operation Green Rx.
Your support is needed in court!

San Diego Superior Court, 220 West Broadway, downtown San Diego

1. Court Hearing for Joseph Malone - 9:00 AM - Department 11, will be assigned a trial courtroom from Department 11. Joseph is on trial for operating a medical cannabis collective. Joseph had all possible documentation and licensing to run a storefront collective. His Case numers is SCD215316-01

2. Court Hearing for Jovan Jackson - 9:00 AM Jovan Dept 53 - Alleged to operate the Answerdam collective. Jovan Jackson has been held without bail for the past month for trying to represent himself. Casse CD222791-01. It is unknown at this time if they will attempt to proceed with trial on Friday.

The harrassment, vindictive prosecution, and the continued destruction of innocent people's lives must stop. These victims need your support in court. Please come tomorrow and show the judge and jury that the community as a whole is watching.

Help Stop Operation Green Rx!!

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