Thursday, October 15, 2009

Donna Lambert - Victim of Operation Green Rx

My Story - I have suffered through hepatitis C, cirrhosis, chemotherapy, cancer, a car accident, 5 surgeries, as well as an immune system disorder called Sjoegrens. I become ill very easily. A cold that may affect others for two or three days will have me bedridden for two or three weeks. I am in a high level of daily pain.

How did marijuana help me? Marijuana has helped me tremendously. Marijuana helped me while on chemotherapy to alleviate the symptoms of nausea and pain, and allow me to sleep. I still suffer on a day-to-day basis from a high level of pain which I try to deal with the best I can. Marijuana is a safe and effective holistic alternative to narcotic pain medication.

What are they accusing me of? I helped a verified medical patient obtain marijuana. This man happened to be a cop who lied to a doctor about his symptoms to obtain a valid recommendation. The judge at my preliminary hearing already stated that I clearly was "not in it for profit." The law says we are allowed as patients, to "collectively associate", and be exempt from sales prosecutions in the state of California. San Diego has resisted this at every level. For helping this 'QUALIFIED PATIENT" twice, I have been charged with 7 felonies. The judge at my 995 hearing called me a "compassionate provider". But still the District Attorney refuses to drop the case.

What do I know for sure about my court case? I am 100% sure that I was following the intent of the law. They should have dropped my case by now. I desperately need people to make phone calls to the DA and ask to speak to or leave a message with Steve Walters, head of Narcotics or Bonnie Dumanis San Diego District attorney, and ask them to dismiss the case against Donna Lambert.

Please call the District Attorney and leave a message to drop the pending case against Donna Lambert (619)531-3784. My trial date is set for December 7, 2009. If they do not drop it, courtroom support is vital to ensure a fair trial. Thank you to anybody willing to help!


Visit Donna’s website:

See the UNCUT interview on KUSI with Donna and attorney Mr. Singleton:

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