Friday, October 2, 2009

Update After Jovan's Hearing - Injustice has Been Served


Jovan’s next hearing two hearings are set for October 8th at 8:30am in Department 30 and October 13th at 8:15am in Department 11.

Tonight an innocent man still sits behind bars without any conviction or legitimate reason for incarceration simply after an accusation of providing medicine to a legitimate member of a collective who was a valid patient.

This morning the “Competency Hearing” of Jovan Jackson was held in Department 53 in front of Judge McGuire and a courtroom filled with supporters. The last time Jovan went to court, he never made it out. Although never once late for a court appearance and for simply requesting to represent himself, Jovan was ordered by the judge to be incarcerated to solitary confinement pending a competency examination. As unbelievable and ludicrous as this may sound, it is not an exaggeration. After three days in solitary confinement the guards in jail themselves released Jovan from solitary not understanding why a competent and sane man would be ordered to such extreme punishment. The rest of the time Jovan has spent with the general population even after a doctor deemed him competent.

This morning after being brought into the courtroom, Jovan was surrounded by three bailiffs who all stood no further than a foot away from Jovan ensuring that any breathing, thinking, or otherwise room would not be available.

The reason Jovan was initially incarcerated was that the judge wanted him to be examined for competency. He was deemed competent by a court ordered and selected physician days ago. This means he was supposed to be released today.

The prosecuting District Attorney Chris Lindbergh sat quietly grinning the entire proceeding refusing to make eye contact with anyone in the crowd or with Jovan. After respectfully addressing the court and again requesting to represent himself, the judge refused to hear Jovan’s motion and passed it over to another judge to deal with next week leaving Jovan again in Jail.
As soon as Jovan was removed from the courtroom and the crowd was cleared out after which DA Lindbergh spent at least the next 15 minutes chit chatting and laughing it up with the judge in the courtroom ensuring everyone could see him doing it. The arrogance and disregard for justice was very blatant and hard to watch.

Jovan has served our country honorably in the Navy for over eight years, is highly decorated, and is an upstanding and respected member of the San Diego community which was displayed today by the number of supporters in court. He was a part of a legitimate, non-profit, closed circuit, medical cannabis collective.

In August of last year, as a part of Bonnie Dumanis’ Operation Green Rx, Detective Scott Henderson (aka Jamie Conlan in picture below) of the San Diego Police department went to a local physician lied about his symptoms, condition, and obtained a recommendation for medical cannabis. After coming to the collective, Henderson requested to join and completed all the appropriate paperwork. After calling the doctor to verify the legitimacy of Henderson’s medical cannabis recommendation, Jovan allowed him to join the collective. Months later he was arrested and charged with felonies.

Jovan has done nothing wrong and tonight sits in jail because of the hate driven prosecution tactics that have no human interest in mind.

His next hearing is a Readiness Hearing currently set for October 8th at 8:30am in Department 30. The Preliminary hearing is currently set for October 13th at 8:15am in Department 11. Please come out and support Jovan in court. This injustice must end! The continued bias driven prosecution of legitimate medical cannabis patients must stop.

Help get Jovan out of jail! Write and call the DA’s office at 619-531-4040 and tell them to release Jovan from jail and to drop the charges against him. The District Attorney can also be reached via email at or by mail at 330 w. Broadway San Diego, CA 92101.

Call the ACLU and ask them to look into this case, they can be reached at: 619-232-2121 or


  1. Jovan Jackson, thank you for your service to your country. It's a shame the same country would do this to you.

  2. shame? no more like a CRIME and the criminals that have done this to him or others should be held accountable for their crimes against HUMANITY!!


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