Friday, September 11, 2009

Letter to San Diego DA

Dear Bonnie Dumanis,

I and many patients sincerely beleive that your actions and the actions of your office clearly prove that you do not beleive that medical marijuana is an important and very personal issue to many San Diegans. There have been multiple collective operators that have called your office asking for clarification and help in navigating these difficult laws.

Today in fact there were several that called your office specifically requesting help and were told that you would not help them or provide any clarification.

We have been begging and pleading with you for years. We are tired of the misrepresentation of the law and this continued environment of fear that your office has created in the Medical Marijuana community in San Diego.

I respectfully ask you to stop the raids and sit down with patients and collectives to explain to the what your interpretation of a proper collective or cooperative is.

Eugene Davidovich


  1. I myself have called the city counsel, as well as the DA's office and the City attorney's office to get clairafication on the process of opening a collective in San Diego, I have been given the run around by every person from each office. I am told repeatedly to hire an attorney to have them help me weed through the "grey areas"

    What is it that we are suppose to do if we are trying to open a business and do it correctly with out all the threat of jail and raids? SBA will not even touch this subject!

  2. Norman Lepoff, M.D., ret.September 13, 2009 at 12:08 AM

    Very fair letter. Too bad that Dumanis does not care about morals, truth, facts, laws or ethics.


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