Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bonnie Dumanis Raids on Medical Cannabis

According to reports from multiple news sources in San Diego there are currently 14 search warrants that were executed. One of the search warrants was executed on Hilcrest Compassion Care, where a whelchairbound man was dragged from his wheelchair and stuffed into a police car with no regard for his injuries, ailments, or disabilities.

There are unconfirmed reports of more raids. Today several collectives reported undercover officers walking into the collective without a search warrant to look around.

In a USA today article William Welch writes that "Dumanis said none of the sellers was found to have sold to individuals lacking a proper physician's recommendation. She said the sellers had violated requirements for structuring and operating as collectives or cooperatives as laid out in law."

The San Diego District Attorney has turned on her supporters and is on a campaign to eradicate medical cannabis as well as the intent and will of the voters who passed proposition 215 in hopes of preventing this exact situation from happening.

It is absolutely critical for patients, supporters, and the community as a whole to unite and demand for an investigation into this outrageous waste of resources and subversion of state law.

Please help stop this bias driven, gun toting, hate filled District Attorney from destroying more lives.


Call The DA and demand a stop to the injustice. (please be as respectful as you can)
T: 619-531-4040

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