Sunday, December 13, 2009

CANDIDATE WANTED: Replacing the San Diego DA, Bonnie Dumanis

As you know Bonnie Dumanis is the current San Diego County District Attorney who is spreading her misguided anti-medical marijuana campaign throughout California. Unfortunately, Dumanis is running unopposed in the 2010 General Election for San Diego County District Attorney.

In a genuine effort to replace Dumanis, a Candidate Wanted Job Posting is being circulated through the web using internet job posting sites, pay-per-clicks, blogs and emails. 'Any' eligible candidate must be found by the January 4, 2010 filing deadline.

You can support this effort today in three ways;

  1. Forward this email to everyone you can, then speak with them to be sure they received your email and did the same. (Deadline is Jan 4, 2010)
  2. Click the share button on BOTH campaign pages to share them on your Bolg, Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle and/or other social networking site(s).
  3. Pledge your financial support and encourage others to do the same. This is an effort to convince any eligible candidate to run against Bonnie Dumanis for San Diego County District Attorney. Your pledge will be added to the Supporter Pledged Amount total listed on the Candidate Wanted Job Posting. You will not be requested to provide financial support until an eligible and committed candidate has filed for the position. Dig deep and be honest, this is important and it's worth the effort!

Make your pledge today for the total amount you will be able to donate between now and the June 8, 2010 election.

If you have suggestions or comments you are able to contact us by leaving a comment on one of the campaign pages or by calling 619 . 550 . 2552.

Marcus Boyd

Replace Dumanis in 2010 Coordinator

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