Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bonnie Dumanis for San Diego Mayor? Take Action Against Dumanis Today!

There are many patients and concerned citizens in the San Diego community who have witnessed firsthand DA Bonnie Dumanis' fierce and misguided fight against medical marijuana patients.

In response to her bid for Mayor of San Diego in 2012, many in San Diego have quickly united in opposition. The medical marijuana community sent a strong message to all supporters regarding Dumanis’ track record on the issue through social media and the internet. Most recently the ‘Dumanis Propaganda Machine’ began turning its wheels and producing misleading information about her record on the medical marijuana issue.

Dumanis has begun to recycle her old rhetoric claiming she in fact supports medical marijuana and that it is all the collectives that break the law because they are ‘selling’ marijuana. Dumanis is prepared to spend thousands of dollars on her propaganda war.

We urgently need your help to quickly mobilize opposition to the propaganda which will be put out from the Dumanis campaign in the coming weeks by helping us disseminate Dumanis true position and track record on the issue.

Take Action Against Bonnie Dumanis Today!
1. Post a negative review for Bonnie Dumanis on Yelp

2. Join the NOT DUMANIS campaign on Facebook.

Top three reasons why Dumanis is bad for San Diego compiled from dozens of responses from residents in the city of San Diego:

1. Dumanis is bad for our Community’s Safety and Welfare
Failed to protect victims' rights and has advanced her political agenda instead.

2. Dumanis is Bad for Marriage Equality
As District Attorney Dumanis has turned her back on the LGBT community by supporting anti-gay candidates and refusing to help defeat Proposition 8.

3. Dumanis is Bad for Medical Marijuana
Continues to wage a 'fierce fight' against medical marijuana patients and the protections created in the law for the sick and dying, while at the same time claiming to be for the issue.

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