Monday, March 29, 2010


San Diego County has been at the forefront of overturning proposition 215 and SB420. This fight has included a case that made it all the way to the Supreme Court in a resounding defeat for the county. Still, the San Diego County board refuses to respect state law. In an attempt to effectively zone out and ban access to medicine for patients in San Diego, the county has issued a proposed ordinance:


This proposed County ordinance would require that ALL transaction between patients be recorded onto video and turned over to the Sheriff. The ordinance also requires that patients names, birth dates, and other private information be turned over to the Sheriff upon request.

Please read this document carefully and write to the board with your concerns. San Diego ASA believes that if this ordinance were to pass, it would be unconstitutional and an anlawfull modification to Proposition 215 as well as Senate Bill 420.

We only have a couple days left for input as the public input ends in April on this ordinance.
The county did a good job hiding this from the public and we need to let them know, we will not stand for a defacto ban. We want safe, regulated access.

Write the Supervisors and let them know how you feel about this ordinance:

San Diego Americans for Safe AccessT: 619-621-8446

Get Involved, get active, make a difference!
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