Tuesday, June 2, 2009

San Diego City Council To Add Medical Cannabis Issues to Agenda in July of 2009

This morning at the San Diego City Council Meeting during Public Comment, Rudy Reyes and Wendy Kristakas spoke out for the need of a Task Force, regulations, and some sensible guidelines to protect patients rights and safe access to medication. Nothing here is new, as Rudy and Wendy have been coming to city council for years demanding change.

This time however, following their comment, Councilmember Emerald made an announcement. The Councilmember said that the city plans on holding a discussion in July with the Public Safety Neighborhood Services Committee to discuss reconvening the task force as well as to discuss setting up programs for patients that law enforcement could follow.

Following this comment by Councilmember Emerald, a representative from her office came out to speak with us and asked Rudy for help and information in getting as much information to him about the laws, task force, and guidelines as possible.

A great thanks goes to Rudy, Wendy, Dion, and all others who tirelessly continue to fight for patients in San Diego.

It is now more critical than ever for all supporters to stand up with them, and let your voices be heard on the issue. Let’s make it clear to our leadership that we need sensible guidelines that keep patients as the focus and have health officials at the helm, rather than law enforcement.

Eugene Davidovich


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  1. It's about time. Hopefully this will have some favorable impact on your case.


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